A Word From Jim Irwin

It is my hope that this website will serve as a reference for those who are interested in exploring chamber music repertoire that includes the horn (French horn). The site contains ninety compositions with downloadable audio files. Fifteen of those compositions also have downloadable manuscript files. Included is chamber music I have performed in nearly a half century as a professional musician and student, and is in no way intended to be a comprehensive collection of all available horn chamber music. In some sense, the music presented here is a retrospective look at my horn-playing life through the lens of chamber music.

The site includes compositions of mine, some of which are horn chamber music, others which are not chamber music, and still other compositions that do not utilize the horn at all -- hence the PLUS included in the website's title. Enjoy your visit.

All recordings on this site are of live peformances unless otherwise noted. Distractions caused by coughing, other hall noises, or performance imperfections have been edited out where possible.