Woodwind Quintet (f o c h b)


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Arnold, Malcolm: Three Shanties, Op. 4

Carter, Elliot: Woodwind Quintet (1948)

Danzi, Franz: Quintet in D minor, Op 68

Fine, Irving: Partita

Heiden, Bernhard: Sinfonia


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Hindemith, Paul: Kleine Kammermsik, op. 24 no. 2

Hoiby, Lee: Diversions, Op. 10

Irwin, James: Three American Folk Songs (See Irwin Compositions)

Jacob, Gordon: Wind Quintet Number 2

Jansons, Andrejs: Suite of Old Lettish Dances

Ligeti, Gyorgy: Six Bagetelles

Milhaud, Darius: La Cheminée du Roi Rene