LCP Composers Index

Compositions That Utilize Horn - to play recordings see Liptonshire Chamber Players Recordings sub heading. 

Arnold, Malcolm Three Shanties, Op. 4 (f o c h b) 2-28-99

Beethoven, Ludwig van Quintet in Eb major, Op. 16. 4-9-96 (o c h b pa)

Beethoven, Ludwig van Quintet in Eb major, Op. 16. 4-9-96 (o c h b pa)

Cowell, John Trio Number 1 (c h p) 4-4-93

Danzi, Franz Quintet in D minor, Op 68 (f o c h b) 3-21-95

Debussy, Claude Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (arr. f o c h b pa) 10-12-99

Eler, André-Frédéric Wind Quartet in d minor, Op. 11, No. 2 (f  c h b) 10-15-96

Fine, Irving Partita (f o c h b) 9-16-03

Gounod, Charles Petite Symphonie (fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 hn 2 bsn) 1-5-97

Haydn, Franz Joseph Quintet in Eb, Hoboken XIV:1(arr. o 2h b pa) 1-5-97

Heiden, Bernerd Sinfonia (f o c h b) 10-2-01

Hindemith, Paul Kleine Kammermusik, Op. 24, No. 2 (f o c h b) 10-15-96

Hindemith, Paul  Sonata (horn & piano) 10-12-04

Hoiby,  Lee Diversions, Op. 10 (f o c h b) 3-25-97

Irwin, James, A Pocketful of Posies (horn & piano) 12-4-94

Irwin James, Three American Folk Songs (f o c h b) rehearsal 10-18-2000   

Jacob, Gordon Wind Quintet Number 2 5-3-98  

Jansons, Andrejs Suite of Old Lettish Dances (f o c h b) 5-3-98

Juon, Paul Divertimento, Op. 51 (f o c h b pa) 10-2-01

Lamarter, Eric De Poème (Hn & Pa) 5-15-92 (Group 2)

Ligeti, Gyorgy Six Bagetelles 4-9-96 (f o c h b)

Lybbert, Donald Trio for Winds  (c h b) 2-8-94

Milhaud, Darius La Cheminée du Roi Rene (f o c h b) 9-13-95

Mozart, W. A. (Lickl,) Cassazione (f c h b) 3-23-93)

Mozart, W. A. Quintet in Eb Major, K. 452 10-2-01 (o c h b pa)

Mozart, W. A. Sinfonia Concertante K. 297b (f c h b pa) 5-15-92

Mozart, W. A. Horn Quintet in Eb, K 407 (arr. oboe, horn, & piano) 4-13-97

Poulenc, Francis Sextet for Piano & Wind Instruments, Op. 100 (f o c h b pa) 9-5-95)

Reinecke, Carl Trio  in Bb, Op. 274 (cl, hn, pa) 10-23-02

Rosetti, Francesco Concerto in F major for Two Horns (2 h & pa) 1-5-97

Roussel, Albert Divertissement, Op. 6 (f o c h b pa) 9-16-03 Richland

Telemann,  George Philip Concerto a tre in F major,  (f h b p) 5-15-92

Thuille, Ludwig Sextet Op. 6 (f o c h b pa) 9-30-97 Richland


Compositions that do NOT utilize horn - are not included in the Liptonshire Chambers Players recordings on this website

Bach, J. S. Sonata II in Eb for Flute & Piano 4-4-93

Beethoven, Ludwig van Adagio for a Flute Clock. (arr. f, o, c, b, p) 10-12-99

Beethoven, Ludwig van Trio in Eb, Op. 38 (c b p) 10-18-98

Brahms, Johannes Intermezzo, Piano.

Brahms, Johannes Sonata in F minor, Op. 120, No. 1 for Clarinet & Piano 4-21-96

Britten, Benjamin Metamorphoss. (solo oboe) 10-23-02

Copland, Aaron Sonata for Clarinet & Piano, mvt. 1. 5-15-92

Danzi, Franz Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 41, mvt 3. (f c p) 3-24-98

Dring, Madeleine Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano. 10-23-02

Dukelsky, Vadimer Three Pieces (f o c b p) 3-21-95

Handel, George Frederic Sonata in d minor for Violin, Oboe & Piano 1-5-97

Howells, Herbert Sonata (oboe & piano) 10-15-96

Ibert, Jacques Aria (f c p) 11-18-95 Dallas Museum

Ibert, Jacques Pièce (solo flute) 5-15-92 (Pam Adams) 

Loeillet, Jean-Baptiste Sonata in d (f o p) 10-12-99

Lutoslawski, Witold Danse Preludes (cl & pa) 4-4-93

Mendelssohn, Felix Concertpiece #2 in D minor, Op. 114 (c b p) 2-19-94

Mozart, W. A. Trio K. 498 (vla, cl & pa) 10-?-00

Muczynski, Robert Fragments for Woodwind Trio. 12-4-94 Richland

Pierné, Gabriel Solo de Concert (bsn & piano) 10-12-97)

Piston, Walter Three Pieces (f c b) 3-25-97

Poulenc, Francis Sonata for Oboe & Piano 9-17-95

Richter, Johann Cristoph Trio Sonata in G (f o p)10-19-97

Saint-Saèns, Camille Caprice on Danish & Russian Airs, Op. 79 (f o c p) 10-18-98

Saint-Saèns, Camille Sonata for Oboe & Piano, Op. 166. 10-4-94

Saint-Saèns, Camille Tarantella, Op. 6 (f c p) 4-4-93

Schumann, Robert Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet & Piano, Op. 73 3-21-95

Still, William Grant Miniatures for Flute, Oboe and Piano. 10-18-98

Stravinsky, Igor The Soldiers Tale (arr. Vln, cl, pa) 1-5-97)

Stravinsky, Igor Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet 10-18-98

Thompson, Randall Suite (vla, oboe, clar, piano)  10-?-00

Triebenesee, Joseph Trio (2 oboes & English horn) 10-21-98 (

Villa-Lobos, Heitor Choros #2 for flute & clarinet in A 10-12-97

Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto in g minor,F. XII, No. 4 (f o b p) 4-13-97