Quartet for Horns - 1959

               Reading session: The University of Iowa, 1960? -

             Paul Anderson, Jim Miller, Bill George, Jim Irwin 

Jim Irwin is the person splitting the notes near the beginning of the first movement.   

                    This composition has never had a public performance.                                                  

                                score    horn 1    horn 2    horn 3    horn 4 

 To play click on the play icon. To download audo file click on the title of the movements.                                                            

                                                           Mvt I


       The beginning of Movement III is not indicated on the score or parts. 

                It begins on the 2nd half of measure 53 in Movement II.

                                    An epilogue begins in measure 108. 

                                                    Mvt II & III (attacca)