1st Horn Orchestra Excerpts

This is a list of 1st horn orchestra parts I have in my collection. They are Breitkopf & Härtel publications unless it is indicated they are either Kalmus or ????? indicate I'm not sure who published them.


Beethoven                    Piano Concerto No. 1                                                           

Beethoven                    Piano Concerto No. 2                                                           

Beethoven                    Piano Concerto No. 3                                                               

Beethoven                    Piano Concerto No. 5                                                           

Beethoven                    Overture to Coriolan                                               

Beethoven                    Overture Nr. 3, Leonore (Fidelio.)                                   

Beethoven                    Overture, Fidelio (Leonore)                                               

Beethoven                    Egmont overture, op. 84                                               

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 1                                                           

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 2                                                           

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 3                                                           

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 4                                                           

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 5                                                           

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 5 (hn in F)           Kalmus

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 6                                                           

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 8                                                           

Beethoven                    Symphony No. 9                                                           

Berloiz                         Fantastic Sympony, op. 14          

Bizet                            Orchestra Suite No. 1- Carmen                                   

Bizet                            Orchestra Suite No. 2- Carmen                                   

Bizet                            L’Arlésienne 1st orchestra suite                                   

Bizet                            L’Arlésienne 2nd orchestra suite                                   

Brahms                        (hn 1) Academic Festival Overture                                     

Brahms                        (hn 3) Academic Festival Overture                                     

Brahms                        Variations on a Theme of Haydn, Op. 56a                       

Brahms                        Tragic Overture, Op. 81                                               

Brahms                         Violin concerto, opus 77                                               

Brahms                        Double concerto-violin & cello, Op. 102                       

Brahms                        Piano concerto No. 1, Op. 15                                               

Brahms                        Piano concerto No. 2, Op. 83                                               

Brahms                        Symphony No. 1, Op. 68                                               

Brahms                        Symphony No. 2, Op. 73                                               

Brahms                        Symphony No. 4, Op. 98                                               

Bruch, Max                   Fantasie, Op. 46 (hn in F)         Kalmus

Bruckner                      Symphony No. 4                           Breitkopf & Härtel (?)

Chopin                        Piano Concerto No. 1                                                           

Chopin                        Piano Concerto No. 2                                                           

Dvořák                       Symphony No. 2 (hn in f)             Kalmus

Flotow                                Overture to Martha                             Breitkopf & Härtel (?)

Handel                         Water Music (hn 1 & 2)                                               

Haydn                         Symphony No. 100-Military                                               

Haydn                         Symphony No. 101                                                           

Haydn                         Symphony No. 102                                                           

Haydn                         Symphony No. 104                                                           

Liszt                            Les Préludes                                                                       

Liszt                            Piano Concereto No. 1                                               

Mendelssohn               A Midsummer Night's Dream-Intermezzo                       

Mendelssohn               A Midsummer Night's Dream-Nocturne                       

Mendelssohn               A Midsummer Night's Dream-Overture                       

Mendelssohn               A Midsummer Night's Dream-Scherzo                       

Mendelssohn               A Midsummer Night's Dream-Wedding March           

Mendelssohn               Symphony No. 3                                                           

Mendelssohn               Symphony No. 4                                                           

Mendelssohn               Violin Concerto, Op. 64                                               

Mozart                        Symphony No. 25 (hn 1)                                               

Mozart                        Symphony No. 25 (hn 3)                                               

Mozart                        Symphony No. 38                                                           

Mozart                        Symphony No. 39                                                           

Mozart                        Symphony No. 40, G minor, KV 550                                   

Mozart                        Symphony No. 41                                                           

Prokofieff                    Romeo & Juliette 2nd Suite                 ??????

Rachmaninoff              Piano Concerto No. 3                         Kalmus

Rossini                        Semiramide-Overture                                               

Shostakovich               Symphony No. 8                                                 

Shostakovich               Symphony No. 9                                              

Shostakovich               Symphony No. 12                                                 

Schubert                       Italian Overture, D. 590                                               

Schubert                       Italian Overture, D. 591                                               

Schubert                       Symphony No. 1                                                           

Schubert                       Symphony No. 2                                                           

Schubert                       Symphony No. 3                                                           

Schubert                       Symphony No. 4 (Tragic Symphony)                        

Schubert                       Symphony No. 5                                                           

Schubert                       Symphony No. 6                                                           

Schubert                       Symphony No. 7                                                           

Schubert                       Symphony No. 8                                                           

Schumann                     Symphony No. 1                                                           

Schumann                     Symphony No. 2                                                           

Schumann                     Symphony No. 3                                                           

Schumann                     Symphony No. 4                                                           

Schumann                     Overture to Manfred                                                           

Stravinsky                      Firebird Suite (1919 revision)            Kalmus

Tchaikovsky                   Piano Concerto No. 1                                                           

Tchaikovsky                   Violin Concerto                                                           

Tchaikovsky                   Capriccio Italien                                                           

Tchaikovsky                   1812 Overture                                                           

Tchaikovsky                   Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a                                               

Tchaikovsky                   Symphony No. 4                                                           

Tchaikovsky                   Symphony No. 5                                                           

Tchaikovsky                   Symphony No. 6                                                           

Wagner                           Seigfried Idyll                                                                       

Von Weber                      Overture to Euryanthe                                               



Two compositions based on Paintings by Rebecca Best

I changed the audio files of my two compositions based on paintings by Rebecca Best from aif to mp3. Those files will now play on the Firefox browser.

Thoughts about "85 Melodic and Rhythmic Studies" by Jim Irwin

For the past month or so I have been playing etudes from  my book of “85 Melodic and Rhythmic Studies for French Horn.” It suddenly hit me how similar in style they are to the etudes in “Studies for French Horn (Elementary Grade)” by Bernhard Krol. I am intimately familiar with Krol’s etudes because for many years I used to teach them to my young students.  When I wrote my etudes in 1989 I had no conscious awareness that they had such a stylistic bond to Krol’s “Studies for French Horn.”  It pleases me that I’ve created a fraternal twin to one of my favorite book of horn etudes of limited difficulty.

Gallay Preludes

I have corrected the title of the the Gallay Preludes in the "Solos performed by Jim Irwin" section of "Recordings." It now correctly reads "39 Preludes" instead of 29 Preludes.

Looking Back for Horn and Piano - 1994

Fixed the crooked page on the 2nd page of the manuscript for the horn part of Looking Back for horn and Piano - Irwin Compositions: Recordings & manuscripts/Compositions that include horn/Looking Back for Horn and Piano - 1994

Arnold Cook: A Cycle of Five Songs for Soprano, Horn, & Piano

I have added Nocturnes, A Cycle of Five Songs for Soprano, Horn, and Piano by Arnold Cooke, to my recordings. This recording is a “work in progress” rehearsal and is presented so that those unacquainted with this composition can at least experience its essence. The performance was not recorded.

New site improvements

I have broken up some pages into subsections which should make the site more stable and will reduce problems with some files loading too slowly. I have also created new links which should make it easier to navigate within the site. 

"Goin' Home"

I have added an arrangement of Goin' Home to the "compositions that do not include the horn" subdivision of "Irwin Compositions: Recordings & Manuscripts."

Music: Largo from Dvořák's New World Symphony. 

Words: William Arms Fisher.

Bar Scene

I have replaced the recording of Bar Scene from The Holder of Lost Souls with a new mix.

Single-F French horns

It just dawned on me this past week that when I first joined the Dallas Symphony in 1964, I had played for more years on a single-F French horn than on a double horn. It seems to me that all those years playing a single-F horn contributed greatly to the development of my solid embouchure, characteristic sound, and accuracy – all necessary ingredients for success on the horn.